Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It occured to me today that although the scene which has inspired my Bronte Country Quilt is very clear in my head, to the rest of the world it is not lol.  So in order for others to judge how I do with my interpretation of the countryside I went out today and took some pictures.  Now...... if I can just work out how to put them on here............

Ok then!  There we go!  What you are seeing are the moors of West Yorkshire with a viaduct spanning the valley.  Sadly I was unable to take a picture today from the other side of the Viaduct which is what I really wanted but you get the idea.  Howarth where Wuthering Heights was written is just a hop skip and a jump from here, hence the title of Bronte country.


  1. Once I get my camera back (see, my Sis has it in her car - somewhere around a RODEO) I will send you a picture of a painting I did from memory of my travels in the Scottish lowlands - actually quite nearby this (I think).

    I'm thrilled that you are doing this!!

  2. Wow, what inspiring beauty! When I retire (soon!), i'm visiting the UK!

  3. You live in a different type of Paradise! :)

    Love to be out in the country...